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Spinal cord injuries can be very serious. The most serious cases result in paralysis. I have been handling paralysis and spinal cord injuries since 2013 and can help you with your case.

What’s the average settlement for a spinal cord injury?

Clients often want to know the average settlement for a spinal cord injury, cervical spine injury settlement amounts, the average settlement for a spinal fusion, lumbar spine injury compensation amounts, or spinal injury compensation payouts.

The first thing I would say about this is that you should challenge yourself as to why you’re focused on the value of your spinal cord. This is such an important part of the body; you should be mostly concerned with getting the treatment that you need!  

The second thing I would say is that, if you’re wanting to get out of your case, stop searching for “average” settlement figures. Not only are such figure impossible to assess (due to the fact that every injury is distinct), but you don’t want to settle for the average amount if the value of your case is much higher!

People are uncomfortable with the idea that average numbers don’t exist. There is no such publication or authoritative body about these figures. Why? Because injuries often come in multiples. For instance, spinal cord injuries may also involve the legs, the shoulders, stress issues, etc. There is one settlement per case. It is impossible to go through these settlements and to estimate which part of the settlement was attributable to the spinal cord. Any such estimate would merely be a guess in the wind. It wouldn’t be based on anything other than made-up figures.

Spinal cord injuries can be slight all the way to completely disabling. It’s going to take doctors’ reports and a one-on-one conversation with an attorney to figure out the best treatment, any disability periods, and the value of your individual case.

Your attorney should be able and willing to explain all of the above to you. If you would like me to help you with your case, please feel free contact me at any time by calling (424) 388-1001.

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