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My goal is for you to be empowered and live the fullest life possible.

  • Get your medical bills paid.
  • Recover lost income.
  • Receive the justice that you deserve.
  • Get the money you need to take care of your family.

Discover the truth about workers' compensation that you need to know.
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As the fastest-rising partner in the history of the longest-standing workers' compensation defense firm in the State of California, I worked on the other side, defending big businesses against workers' compensation claims. I know what you're up against.

I exclusively handle workers' compensation cases, and I am a Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist in the State of California.

Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket

No, this isn't a typo, and it’s not a gimmick. So, how can I stay in business? Well, I do get paid, but my “cut” is earned from the amount that you win or if there is a settlement. You will never have to write me a check. Again, there are no out-of-pocket fees for you, and the fact that I’m a certified specialist won’t cost you anything extra at the end of your case.

My Promise To You

I promise that you will get an attorney who actually responds to you within a reasonable period of time. The number one complaint about attorneys is that they don't respond; I do. The second biggest complaint is that they don't explain things; I do. I might not be available at every moment (after all, I'm in court helping people, and I do enjoy a bit of time off now and then), but I will let you know when you can expect for me to get back with you if I am gone.

What You'll Get When You Hire Me

You will get directness; I'm not going to give you a fairytale of an answer to your questions just to make you happy. After all, this will only lead to disappointment down the road. Similarly, I won't strongarm you about your case. Instead, I will explain the law so that you understand whether you sit in a favorable position or not, and I will explain why.

Free Case Consultation

I personally review every case that is submitted to me. If you have a question about your workers' comp case, let me know the details, and I'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss how I can help you.

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Your Dedicated Workers' Compensation Attorney

I am an expert in workers' compensation law and a California certified specialist in the field. I only handle workers' compensation cases for my clients, and I'm dedicated to being completely transparent and honest with every client. Here is some additional information that will be helpful to you in regards to specific workers' comp injuries. If you have a question, give me a call at (424) 388-1001.